Zuiderkerk is a unique conference hall in the heart of Amsterdam.
The Zuiderkerk in Amsterdam has various conference rooms with attractive characteristic elements. The beautiful building in Dutch Renaissance style was built in the 17th century and has geometric shapes, beautiful high windows and a large central nave. The ideal location for conferences, meetings and other events.
A conference hall with allure can be found in the Zuiderkerk in Amsterdam. The Nave of our beautiful location is spacious and has beautiful light thanks to the high windows. The space is equipped with various modern facilities, but the characteristic elements are still fully present. Modern facilities such as wireless internet and various visual aids. Anyone who books this conference hall in Amsterdam is assured of an attractive location.

For public transport to get to the city of Amsterdam from Schiphol Airport, you can take the train. There is a direct train that takes approximately 15 minutes to reach Central Station. We would advise you to check the Dutch railway journey planner for the actual train travel schedules.

In the city centre, you can make use of buses, metros, and trams, which are part of the public transport company GVB. The easiest way to go from Central Station to Zuiderkerk Amsterdam is by metro; this will take you 7 minutes. You can also walk for 17 minutes.